The Company

Fennell & Murphy Company formed in 2016 with the founding co-owners bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience with them.


Fennell & Murphy Company strives to offer the finest quality design, site preparation, cost estimates, construction, repair, and alteration to clients needing large scale construction services, whether it be office buildings, warehouses, large apartment complexes, public works, etc. Fennell & Murphy Company will maintain the highest standards of service, safety and care in the Glazing industry.

Meet the Team


Matthew E. Fennell

Co-President & CFO

Matthew Fennell operates as a Board Member, Co-President and Chief Financial Officer of Fennell & Murphy Company. Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance, business management and law to the Fennell & Murphy Company team. Matthew obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of West Georgia where he graduated with a double major in Finance and Business Management. Matthew then spent a few years in the Accounting and Finance industry before obtaining a three-year academic scholarship to attend law school at the University of Mississippi. Matthew graduated from law school with a concentration in Business Law with Honors.


Daniel L. Murphy

Co-President & COO

Daniel operates as a Board Member, Co-President and Chief Operations Officer of Fennell & Murphy Company. Daniel brings with him the deep understanding of the operations of commercial glazing that one can only gain by extensive hands on experience in the industry; to date Daniel has logged more than 28,000 hours on job sites throughout the United States. With more than 14 years of experience in the glazing industry as a journeyman and superintendent working on multimillion dollar glazing projects. Daniel has the managerial and operational experience to handle any glazing needs our clients may have.

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